Two students holding finished t-shirt bags in front of a Bengal poster

Do-It-Yourself (with Our Help)

Hey Bengals! Are you an R.A.? Are you part of a student group on campus? Or are you just looking to get involved by giving back to your community? Engage in a service project with your friends and student group members. We provide the materials; you'll return the finished projects to our office. From there, we will distribute to a community organization in need. 

Service Projects

For Faculty

Don't Cancel That Class! 

Instead of canceling class for your appointments, emergencies, or unexpected changes, you can email and ask for one of these DIY Project Kits to be brought to your students during the regularly scheduled class time. 

In your email please include: Class name (so we can tailor the project to the class's focus if applicable), location, time, number of students, and any other necessary information.  

DIY Service Project Kits: Fall 2022 and Spring 2023

Project Examples and Descriptions

  • Greeting Cards: Create authentic cards to be donated to local hospitals, food pantries, or mental health facilities. Your choice of type of card can be decided upon scheduling.

  • Stress/Sensory Balls: Create stress balls out of sand and balloons to be donated to Compeer Buffalo which specializes in assisting children, adults, veterans, and seniors in good mental health.
  • No-Sew T-Shirt Bags: Make reusable grocery bags out of t-shirts to donate to local shelters and organizations. Help avoid the use of plastic bags that litter the earth!
  • No-Sew Blanket Kits: Create warm blankets using a cut and tie method to donate to local shelters to keep our community warm during the winter.


DIY Service Project Kit


Making a no-sew blanket on the ground on campus.