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Education In Action

Service-learning courses give you the opportunity to take what you've learned in the classroom and apply it to make a difference. Service-learning provides opportunities to help develop leadership skills, foster professional development, appreciate diversity, and provide opportunities for increased understanding of course material.

Benefits of Service-Learning

  • Gain applicable skills and knowledge
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Explore a career or field of study
  • Feel prepared in your field of study and ready to succeed in an internship, entry-level position, or graduate school
  • Develop real-world experience and skills employers are looking for, such as verbal and written communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving, prioritizing, research, and analytical skills
  • Build a commitment to service and lifelong learning

Designated Service-Learning Courses

Designated service-learning courses are courses that SUNY Buffalo State students can enroll in to demonstrate their commitment to learning in the community. 

Designated service-learning courses:

  • are searchable in Banner;
  • are offered in many departments and majors;
  • require a minimum of 10 hours of service meeting a community-identified priority;
  • demonstrate your commitment to being engaged in the community;
  • demonstrate your professor's commitment to the community.

Search for Designated Service-Learning Courses

  1. Log into Banner
  2. Search for Classes
  3. Search by Term
  4. Under Attribute Type, choose Service-Learning Designated
  5. Click Search