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WNYSL Sponsorship

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program is an initiative of the Western New York Service-Learning Coalition (WNYSLC) and the Civic and Community Engagement Office. Buffalo State is a member of the WNYSLC, which is a consortium of local colleges, universities, and community organizations that are committed to sharing resources, knowledge, and practices related to service-learning in an effort to strengthen campus-community partnerships and promote student engagement in the community.

Fellowship Purpose

Service-Learning Faculty Fellows will acquire an in-depth understanding of community engagement pedagogy during this two-day training program facilitated by nationally recognized experts. A series of workshop opportunities will support faculty through the process of converting an existing course or creating a new service-learning course.


Fellowships are open to community partners in the WNY area and all faculty and staff from any department at a WNYSLC member institution, which includes Buffalo State.

Benefits of the Faculty Fellows Training

  • Professional service-learning and course conversion training and support.

  • The opportunity to workshop course ideas and network with faculty, staff, and community partners from WNY who are committed to community-engaged work.

  • Assistance in developing mutually beneficial relationships with non-profit organizations, government agencies, or community schools.

  • Meets the training requirement for faculty who are interested in applying for service-learning course designation.

Expectations of Faculty Fellows

  • Participate in both days of the service-learning faculty fellowship training.

  • Design a new course (or modify an existing course) to include a service-learning component.

  • Identify service-learning partner community organization(s) (with help from the Civic and Community Engagement Office) and meet with partner(s) to plan project and share service-learning objectives (e.g., syllabus).

  • Teach the service-learning course during the following academic year (as schedules allow).

  • Share student reflections and feedback, if appropriate.

  • Attend follow-up faculty fellow sessions as necessary.

  • Maintain involvement in campus community engagement initiatives and WNYSLC.

Additional information about service-learning is available through the Civic and Community Engagement Office. We invite you to talk with us before or after the training about potential course projects.

Alexandra Allen, Ph.D., Art and Design

Dorothea Braemer, M.F.A., Communication

Ava LaBella, B.S., Civic and Community Engagement (Community Partner)

Ji Young Lee, Ph.D., Fashion and Textile Technology

Peter Loehr, Ph.D., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Amy Manning, Ph.D., Social Work

Lenore McLaurin, A.A.S., Institute for Community Health Promotion (Community-Engagement Fellow)

Berg Miller, Ph.D., Social Work

Desiray Slaughter, B.S., Civic and Community Engagement  (Community-Engagement Fellow)

Ho Eui (Holly) Bewlay, D.M.A., Music

Katrina Fulcher-Rood, Ph.D., Speech Language Pathology

Selenid Gonzalez-Frey, Ph.D., Dept of Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Andrew Hashey, Ph.D., Exceptional Education

Deborah Insalaco, Ph.D., Speech Language Pathology

Jennifer Reichenberg, Ph.D., Dept of Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Howard Reid, Ph.D., Psychology


Lisa Kragbé, M.A., Civic and Community Engagement (Medaille)

Marie Murray, M.S., Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics

Jason D. Grinnell, Ph.D., Philosophy

Abdollah Hajikandi, M.A., Mathematics

Patrick Moltane, M.F.A., Theater

Doug Ridolfi, M.S., Chemistry

Jessica Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., Social Work (SUNY Fredonia)

Dae-Young Kim, Ph.D., Criminal Justice

Alexander Means, Ph.D., Social and Psychological Foundations of Education 

Karl Wende, Ph.D., Center for Health and Social Research

Justin Donhauser, M.A., Philosophy 

Pamela Schuetze-Pizzaro, Ph.D., Psychology

Selcuk Acar, Ph.D., International Center for Studies in Creativity 

Reva Fish, Ph.D., Social and Psychological Foundations of Education

Ruth Goldman, Ph.D., Communication

Jonathan Lindner, M.S., Institute for Community Health Promotion and Health and Wellness Department


Michelle Bae, Ph.D., Art Education

Kristin Cipollone, M.S., Sociology 

Kathy Doody, Ph.D., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Eve Everette, M.A., Theater

Lori Ann Woods Ph.D., College Writing Program


Carol DeNysschen Ph.D., Dietetics and Nutrition

Jevon Hunter, Ph.D., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Michael Niman, Ph.D., Communication

Alice Villaseñor, Ph.D., Civic and Community Engagement (Medaille)

Jo Yudess, Ed.D., Center for Studies in Creativity

Joseph Zawicki, Ph.D., Earth Science and Science Education


Ann Emo, M.F.A., Theater

Kenneth Mernitz, Ph.D., History and Social Studies

Misty Rodeheaver, Ed.D., History and Social Studies


Susan Baldwin, Ph.D., Health and Wellness

Sarbani Banerjee, Ph.D., Computer Information Systems

Annemarie Franczyk, Ed.D., Communication

KeunYoung Oh, Ph.D., Technology

Alice Pennisi, Ed.D., Art Education

Kim Truesdell, Ed.D., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership


Cheryl Albers, Ph.D., Sociology

Patrick Dexter, Ph.D., Social Work

Sarah Hinderliter, M.F.A., Fine Arts

Hsiang-Ann Liao, Ph.D., Communication

Ronnie Mahler, Ph.D., Social Work

John Siskar, Ph.D., Art Education

Myrtle Welch, Ph.D., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership


2008 Faculty Fellows

David Cinquino, M.F.A., History and Social Studies Education

Pixita del Prado Hill, Ed.D., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Ruth Guo, Ph.D., Computer Information Systems

Shirley Hayes, Ph.D., Art Education

Eric Krieg,  Ph.D., Sociology

Christine Lai, Ph.D., Business

Catherine Lange, Ph.D., Earth Science and Earth Science Education

Heather Maldonado, Ph.D., University College

Jill Norvilitis, Ph.D., Psychology

Christine Rine, M.S.W., Social Work

Hibajene Shandomo, Ph.D., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Mary Todd, Ph.D., School of Education


R. Bruce Baum, Ph.D., Exceptional Education

John Cabra, Ph.D., Political Science

Mary C. Cummings, M.A., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Joy Guarino, M.F.A., Theater

Theresa Harris-Tigg, Ph.D., English

Carolyn Hilarski, Ph.D., Social Work

Elizabeth Kelley, Ph.D., English

Meg Knowles, M.F.A., Communication

Kathryn Leacock, M.A., History/Social Studies

Jodelle Magner, Ph.D., Mathematics

Patrick McGovern, Ph.D., Political Science


Dennis DeHart, M.F.A., Fine Arts

William Ganley, Ph.D., Economics & Finance

Jill Gradwell, Ph.D., History & Social Studies

Susan Hall, M.S.Ed., Education Foundations

Amitra Hodge, Ph.D., Sociology

Beth Holleran, M.S., Sociology

Joseph Marren, M.A., Communication

S. Diane McFarland, Ph.D., Business

Wendy McLeish, M.S.Ed., Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

Keith Schmidli, Ph.D., Educational Foundations

Deborah Silverman, Ph.D., Communication

Ron Stewart, Ph.D., Sociology

Mark Warford, Ph.D., Modern & Classical Languages

Kathy Wood, Ph.D., CEURE/Elem. Ed. & Reading


Cynthia Burnett, Ph.D., Creative Studies

Barbara Bontempo, Ed.D., English

Stephen Burgeson, M.Ed., Hospitality and Tourism

Stephen Gareau, Ph.D., Educational Computing

Rebecca Geraghty, Ph.D., Design

William Lin, Ph.D., Computer Information Systems

Maureen Lindner, M.S.Ed., Exceptional Education

Sue McMillen, Ph.D., Mathematics

Wende Mix, Ph.D., Geography and Planning

Tao Tang, Ph.D., Geography and Planning


Christopher Aviles, Ph.D., Social Work

Louis Colca, M.S.A., Social Work

Cynthia Conides, Ph.D., History and Social Studies

Richard Herdlein, Ph.D., Educational Foundations

Lin Xia Jiang, M.F.A., Fine Arts

Douglas Koritz, Ph.D., Economics and Finance

Michael Littman, Ph.D., Business

Timothy McCorry, M.A., Sociology

Kathleen O'Brien, Ph.D., Hospitality and Tourism

Maria Pacheco, Ph.D., Chemistry

Phyllis Thompson, Ph.D., Art Education

Lori Till, Ed.D., Hospitality and Tourism